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FOTOTA.NET - Royalty Free Indonesian Stock Photography

Join Us Today is Indonesia’s photo stock site and the photographers community. Every user has different community tools: personal blog, messages, reviews, testimonials, friends, avatars.

Search for royalty-free Indonesia’s stock photography in landscapes, waterscapes, still life and the human interest. Buy stock with Fotota.Net by Credits.

About us

Every day you see thousands of images in magazines, packaging, posters, online and on TV. But very few of these images were created specifically for that product, promotion or concept - what you're seeing is stock photography. Stock photos are ready-made images that are licensable for use in your advertising or promotional materials to illustrate specific things, concepts or ideas. images are just the beginning - they are the raw materials to get your graphic design started.

Royalty-Free Photos

Welcome to, the web's original source for royalty-free Indonesian stock images and photographers from around the world come here to create, work and learn. Although started with just a handful of photos in 2000.


Buy Stock Photos and Images With Credits. Think of credits as very own currency. Simply load your account with credits to download files as you go.

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